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Session 8

Session 8
LEVEL 101 & 201: PAWKAN - Pipe Ceremony & Graduation

Pipe ceremonies again differ from tribe to tribe even from one person to the next within their own tribe. Pipes and ceremony are given as gifts to certain people. Prior to the start of the ceremony, the Elder’s helper will go around the offer you to smudge yourself; this symbolizes the purification of your mind, body, and spirit. The Elder will share a few words of welcome and will then use own language to offer prayer. 

The learner will be able to develop knowledge and awareness of the sacred Pawkan pipe used in Indigenous traditional ceremonies.

  • Identify and describe techniques for obtaining and storing an Indigenous ceremonial pipe.

  • Explain when and how sacred Indigenous ceremonial pipes are used at the appropriate times.

  • Identify and describe the sacred pipe used by a Holy person, Elders and Knowledge Keepers in the ceremonial process.

  • Learners will receive a Certificate of Participation at the end of the course when they have attended all of the 8 sessions.

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