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Session 2

Session 2
LEVEL 101: What are Customary Introductions, Name Giving Ceremony?

It is customary for the speaker to introduce themselves using their English names and their traditional names before a ceremony. What is a Name Giving Ceremony? What are the myths and beliefs of the process of stating traditional names in public? Where is your Spirit located in your body?

The learner will be able to describe how and why they have chosen their personal self- Introduction method and techniques.

  • Explain how a Spirit Name is obtained if desired; and where is your Spirit located?

  • Protocols and methods of obtaining Spirit Names for others.

  • Identify and apply steps to feeling comfortable in using your own Spirit Name in ceremonies.

LEVEL 201: Introduction to Grand/Father/Mother Teachings

The Great Spirit gave the Grand/fathers/mothers,  the responsibility to watch over the Anishinabe people. A child was taken around the world for 7 years to learn the Anishinabe way of life. Upon the return the youth  shared the 7 teachings of; Truth, Humility, Respect, Love,  Honesty, Bravery, Wisdom and the 8 Anishinaabeg Teachings.  (Handouts will be provided to each Learner)


The learner will be able to describe what they have experienced with their  personal stones in the Medicine Wheel;


  1. Learn the meaning of the following 7 Teachings;

  2. Debwewin – Truth

  3. Dabasendiziwin – Humility

  4. Manaajiidiwin – Respect

  5. Zaagiidiwin – Love

  6. Gwayakwaadiziwin – Honesty,

  7. Zoongiidewin – Bravery

  8. Nibwaakaawin – Wisdom

  9. 8 Anishinaabeg Teachings

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