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Elder Jacinta Wiebe (nee McKay) was born and grew up in Berens River, Manitoba, where she learned to speak Anishinabamowin. Her parents were George and Marie Louise McKay, now deceased. She attended the University of Manitoba where she completed a Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree and an Advanced Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics. Jacinta completed her Mideiwin teachings at the Churchill Mide Lodge in Wisconsin, USA. She also taught classes at the University College of the North in Thompson and The Pas, Manitoba. As Elder  she organized Indigenous Resources Protection Board Inc and recruited new board members to be inclusive of all Indigenous persons.   ​In 2013, she organized and supervised a Use & Occupancy Survey Research project in which 100 Indigenous band member hunters, trappers, fishers, and gatherers were interviewed while producing 169 biomaps with the intent to develop a Traditional area land use plan to protect and preserve the traditional territory lands, animals, fish, birds. 

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