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Session 6

Session 6
LEVEL 101: Regalia, Ribbon Shirts, Ribbon Skirts, Jingle Dress, Round Dances, Pow Wow Ceremony, Skabee (Ishka-bay) Helpers

Dancing is a form of invoking blessings  for the Indigenous people in the same manner as  speaking and singing. All  life cycles follow the circle in a clockwise manner and so does the dancing. Ribbon blouses and Ribbon Skirts (which are round shaped ) are worn by women to ceremonies  as the colours for each person is used to connect to each person’s energy.


Men will wear their traditional regalia and ribbon shirts. For example, Thunderbird names and colors will show different shades of black, blue and white colors for example. Whereas, Eastern directional names will show red, orange, yellow colors etc.


Round Dances are performed in a circle motion to create union among people and Pow Wow events bring Indigenous people together to celebrate  a survival and thriving of Indigenous nations. Women’s Jingle Dress dancing which is said to have originated in Ontario, Canada, is particular to Indigenous women bringing healing and strength to our Indigenous nations.


The learner will be able to develop knowledge and awareness of the different regalia, dances, Pow Wow ceremony.

  • Identify and describe who is able to obtain proper Regalia for ceremony and who can serve as a Skabee.

  • Identify and describe the reasons certain colours are used in ceremonial process.

  • Explain how the sacred dances and regalia relate to ceremony.

LEVEL 201: Western Season Quadrant

Black, autumn, Sunset, Sage, Buffalo, Earth, Adulthood, Body.

Learners will place their stones in the Western Quadrant. All other Learners will listen and learn. The Learners in this quadrant will be given the responsibility to teach these Season words and their meanings. These Learners will take their stones home with them as before.

The learner will be able to describe  their  understanding  of the Season words and their meaning:

  1. Identify and apply steps to using Sage in a ceremonial manner.

  2. Describe and Identify all the Season words to other Learners from another quadrant.

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