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Session 5

Session 5
LEVEL 101: Drums, Flutes, Rattles, Eagle Whistle, Tattoos

Many sacred items are used by the Elder and Knowledge Keeper in Ceremonies. Ceremonial items are kept in storage using a cedar medicine. Sacred items are believed to be a conduit for spirits and may not be put on display on walls and public places unless authorized by the owner of such items. Tobacco offerings are made to these items prior to their use in the ceremony.

It is said by the old people that when we wear tattoos (ankles,wrists) that our enemies cannot find us in this world or the next. (Mide Relatives Dinawaymaganak provide protection).

The learner will be able to develop knowledge and awareness of the different sacred items used in smudging and other ceremonies.

  • Identify and describe techniques for obtaining and storing sacred items.

  • Explain and identify how sacred items are used at the appropriate times during a ceremony.

  • Identify and describe the sacred items used by Elders and Knowledge Keepers in the ceremonial process.

LEVEL 201: Southern Season Quadrant

Learners in this quadrant represent the South, Red, Summer, Mid-Day, Cedar, Deer, Fire, Youth, Heart

Learners will place their stones in the Southern Quadrant. All other Learners will listen and learn. The Learners in this quadrant will be given the responsibility to teach these Season words and their meanings. These Learners will take their stones home with them as before.

The learner will be able to describe their understand of the Season words and their meaning:

  1. Identify and apply steps to using Cedar in a ceremonial manner.

  2. Describe and Identify all the Season words to other Learners from another quadrant.

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