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Session 7

Session 7
LEVEL 101: Madoodiswan (Sweat) Lodge, Sundance Ceremonies

A sweat lodge is a lodge made of willow branches formed in a dome pattern. The size varies according to each lodge keeper. Some lodges are constructed at a 5-foot level and others may be as small as 3 feet.  The Knowledge Keeper who conducts the ceremony is referred to as a Holy Person. Grandmother grandfather rocks are heated outside of the lodge and brought into the lodge and put into a pit when they are red hot .

Another important ceremony is the Sundance Ceremony which is performed for special Healing during the summer for 4 to 8 days. Dancers will pledge their tobacco and offerings of gifts and medicines. The dancers are males and does not usually include women dancers for the same reason however some female dancers will participate and will pierce their arms or shoulders.

The learner will be able to develop knowledge and awareness of the Madoodiswan sweat lodge and Sundance ceremony.

  • Identify and describe protocols for attending and practicing a sweat lodge and Sundance ceremony.

  • Explain why the sweat lodge ceremony is used at the appropriate times.

  • Identify and describe the tools used by the Holy person in the sweat lodge ceremonial process.

LEVEL 201: Northern Season Quadrant

White, winter, night, Sweetgrass, White bear, Air, Old/Age Elder, Mind

Learners will place their stones in the Eastern Quadrant. All other Learners will listen and learn. The Learners in this quadrant will be given the responsibility to teach these Season words and their meanings. These Learners will take their stones home with them as before.

The learner will be able to describe their understand of the Season words and their meaning:

  1. Identify and apply steps to using Sweetgrass  in a ceremonial manner.

  2. Describe and Identify all the Season words to other Learners from another quadrant.

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